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Autumn Discount on Narcissus cyclamineus

See in the autumn with our Narcissus cyclamineus offer . What could be better than a carpet of this delightful Narcissus. Making an appearance in February, this petite daffodil has vivid yellow petals that sweep fully back revealing its long flower tube, surrounded by slender, pale green foliage.

We have some fantastic savings with our Narcissus cyclamineus offer.

4 or more pots (12 bulbs) 10% discount

16 or more pots (48 bulbs) 25% discount

32 or more pots (96 bulbs) 50% discount

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Narcissus cyclamineus AGM are sold to you in pots rather than as loose bulbs, because the bulbs of this daffodil must not dry out. All plants offered are propagated and grown by us here on our specialist nursery based in South Lincolnshire. The bulbs are 3 years old and most will flower in the first spring season after planting and will flower year after year thereafter. We supply at least three flowering sized bulbs per pot.

Alice Vincent reviewed our ‘exquisitely formed collection’ in The Telegraph (16 October 2021):-

Make the most of the spring like weather this week by adding this exquisite cyclamen-flowered daffodil to your garden!