Trilliums are propagated and grown by Twelve Nunns Nursery, a specialist nursery based in South Lincolnshire. The parent plants have been either split to produce more plants or hand-pollinated to produce seeds and grown on.  None of the plants we supply are from wild stock. 

We offer our full range of Trilliums for despatch in the dormant season which is from the end of July until November. They are sent as freshly lifted, healthy Trillium rhizomes with live roots in moist packing material.  Our rhizomes are at least 4 years old.  Given the right situation and soil they should flower after 1 year of planting.  

Trilliums enjoy light shade with well-drained soil. The varieties we offer make good garden plants in the UK. 

From December through to Spring, we offer a limited range of our Trilliums as pot plants.