Our Story

Twelve Nunns established a plant nursery in south Lincolnshire in 2012. We decided that the plants that we grow for garden centres should be made available by mail order direct to customers.

Penny Dawson owns and runs the business. Her parents, Hugh and Liz Nunn, had a specialist wholesale nursery in the village of Harvington near Evesham as she was growing up until their retirement in 2015. Formerly a Nunn and with the maternal family name of Twelves under threat of extinction, what more was needed to name her business.

The prefix ‘Harvington’ is associated with the plants bred and selected as the very best of their kind by Hugh Nunn in Harvington over the 30 or so years that he was there.  These are now propagated by Penny and the team on the Twelve Nunns nursery.  So if you see a plant with Harvington in its name, you know it began its life here with us.