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Ready to purchase, the rare heralders of early spring, Narcissus cyclamineus AGM – as reviewed in The Telegraph (16 October 2021)

Towards the end of winter, the very pretty petite Narcissus cyclamineus emerges. Their tiny yellow trumpets and petals unfurl to fanfare the arrival of spring. Here at Twelve Nunns Nursery, we propagate and grow two Narcissi species, Narcissus cyclamineus AGM and Narcissus bulbocodium var. citrinus, both of which are rarely offered, and are early Spring risers, making an appearance from early February amongst snowdrops and our own Harvington Hellebores. Alice Vincent talks about our ‘exquisitely formed collection’ in The Telegraph (16 October 2021):-

The award-winning Narcissus cyclamineus is a delightfully petite daffodil, with vivid yellow petals that sweep fully back to reveal its long flower tube – it is cyclamen-like in appearance hence its name.  It has also been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Narcissus bulbocodium var.citrinus is also a dwarf Narcissi, producing exquisite funnel shaped pale lemon flowers surrounded by slender, bright green foliage.

They may be tiny but when left in the ground both of these plants will happily form clumps and self-seed and are perfect for naturalising in thin grassland or at the edge of borders. They also thrive in pots and troughs and provide a welcome splash of colour to any frozen patio or terrace.  

Our special Narcissi are now ready to buy, let them help you welcome Spring 2022! 

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Hacquetia epipactis (Sanicula epipactis) – one of the most endearing spring flowers available to order now!

We now have Hacquetia epipactis available to buy as 9cm pots. Also known as Sanicula epipactis, Hacquetia epipactis is a charming herbaceous perennial, the flowers of which can appear as early as January. It first produces clusters of minute flowers with golden centres surrounded by a lime green bract or ruff. These continue to appear well into the spring, alongside a dense expanse of glossy emerald-green leaves that will then provide a good foliage display throughout the growing season. It grows close to the ground providing a carpet of fresh green and yellow hues, and makes a perfect partner for your early spring bulbs and will continue to spread year on year.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has awarded Sanicula epipactis an Award of Garden Merit (AGM), which you can read more about here.

These endearing flowers are truly an uplifting sight at the end of a dreary winter, so now is the time to buy them to brighten up your spring garden!

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Buy Erythroniums and Trilliums now

Buy Erythroniums and Trilliums now – having flowered in Spring they are dormant and so we lift Erythronium bulbs and Trillium rhizomes to order and send them carefully packed in damp compost for you to plant up ready for next Spring. If Erythroniums are planted too late i.e. beyond September, they won’t have time to root down and establish. So don’t leave it any longer – order now! For Erythronium planting advice click here and for Trillium planting advice click here

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Blue Poppy – a taste of the Himalaya

It may have been a cooler start to the growing season than we would like, but it is good planting-out weather. If you fancy something a little different for your garden how about a Himalayan Blue Poppy? Just coming into bud are our Meconopsis sheldonii ‘Slieve Donard’ (AGM) – the best perennial Meconopsis for English gardens. It produces stunning blue flowers with contrasting yellow stamens upon upright stems, and they really make a statement. These are ready to send to you as flowering size plants in 1 litre pots.

Our ever popular Harvington Hellebores® continue to be available as plugs, with more stock in pots coming online in July.

How was your spring garden? If you feel that you need to add some fresh interest, now is the time to pre-order your Erythronium bulbs. Once planted in the warm summer soil, they will root down in the autumn and glossy green foliage will emerge next February with stunning flowers opening in April. We have a fabulous range to select from, and can start sending these to you from July (all lovingly packaged using recyclable materials, as always!).

Or what about our range of Trillium rhizomes? Our rhizomes are at least 4 years old and given the right situation and soil they should flower after 1 year of planting again during April and May. Trilliums are very special woodland plants that enjoy being in dappled shade. The varieties we offer make great garden plants.

Happy gardening everyone!


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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air! Lawnmowers are being fired up, the bees are busy on the Hellebores and bulbs are fast emerging out of the soil.

Now is a great time to buy our Harvington Hellebores® as pot plants or to pre-order them as plug plants.

And why not give Roscoea a try?  They are available now and are great value for money – starting from just £4.99 each.  We would always recommend the ones with a ‘Harvington’ prefix because these have been selected for vigour and reliability.  They are hardy and perfect for filling in gaps in your border in semi-shade.  The earliest varieties flower in April, but the later ones flower in August – all of them offer colour in your garden for several weeks.  We are despatching them now as tubers ready for planting out direct into your garden or to pot up.

We have been growing the exotic looking, but hardy Arisaema candidissimum for a several years on the nursery and every year we are wowed by them.  The perennial corms stay dormant right through until May when their striking flowers start to emerge towards the end of the month and their large glossy architectural leaves unfurl thereafter.  They are straightforward to grow in well-drained semi-shade.

Click on any of the highlighted text above to link straight to the right page on our website to buy now.

Arisaema candidissimumarisaema-candidissimum

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Christmas Delivery

If you would like an order to be delivered in time for Christmas, please order by 12 noon on Thursday 17 December.

Our plants are great for gifting – our attractive, recyclable packaging comes as standard.  In the week before Christmas we add a little bit of red ribbon to each parcel to add a festive feel.  If you would like us to write a message in a card for your friend, relative or loved one, please include it in the delivery notes – there is no charge for this.  Alternatively email us with your order reference/ message/ date for delivery.


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The Telegraph – ‘Why now is the best time to plant Erythroniums’

Now is the best time to plant Erythronium bulbs- and that’s why you can buy them here now.  We despatch within 10 working days (usually less).  All bulbs are flowering size and freshly lifted to order.  If you plant them as soon as you can they will root down and establish well this autumn.  You will then be able to sit back and wait for their delightful flowers to appear in March/April.

If you are a subscriber to The Telegraph online do look up the article by Matt Collins from the Garden Museum in London.

If you would rather peruse the printed paper, buy The Telegraph on Saturday, pour yourself a cup of coffee, read the gardening section and treat yourself to some of the irresistible Erythroniums we have on offer here!

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Erythronium bulbs and new season Harvington Hellebores

Our Erythronium bulbs, Trillium rhizomes and new season Harvington Hellebores in 9cm pots are ready to order now for despatch from 17 August onwards.  Our website is updated regularly so do keep and eye on it for new plants – we don’t list all the plants we have on the nursery, just the plants that are available to buy now.  We aim to offer plants at the right time of year for you to plant them out in your garden for maximum success.

Trillium flexipes 'Harvington Selection'