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Twelve Nunns Green Credentials

We are constantly reviewing what we can do to improve Twelve Nunns Green Credentials, working to help save our environment as well as your pennies! We are proud of what we have achieved so far.

Twelve Nunns Green Credentials

Packaging – those of you whom have bought from us before will be aware that the packaging we use is all recyclable – right down to the the gummed, compostable paper tape we use to seal our boxes (no need to strip off any vinyl tape before recycling or composting). Our packaging solutions are as a result of a continual evolution of ideas.

Saving compost – a 9cm pot only uses 0.5 litres of compost. Compare this to the 2 litres of compost if you buy a plant at a garden centre in a 2 litre pot. And our freshly lifted bare rooted bulbs only require a handful of coir to protect them during transit – this all helps save our precious natural resources. And of course this really helps you save your pennies!

The plants we send to you from Twelve Nunns are either in small pots or are supplied as freshly lifted bare root rhizomes, bulbs and tubers. We breed, propagate and grow all of the plants and bulbs here on our Lincolnshire nursery.

Saving plastic – smaller pots mean less plastic. We are working on removing plastic completely from our deliveries, in terms of both pots and labels. We are planning to replace our labels with a fully recyclable paper based product.

Twelve Nunns Green Credentials

We are also very excited about a product we have discovered recently called a wool pot that is produced in the UK. Along with a wool based topping, these provide exactly the type of protective packaging the plants need to ensure they reach you in tip top condition. They can be recycled and are compostable. We work in a village surrounded by sheep farmers, so making use of a bi-product that is often wasted or undervalued seems a good idea to us.

Saving fuel (so less air pollution) – lighter, smaller boxes that weigh less mean less fuel is needed to transport them.

We passionately believe that all these savings are crucially needed for the future health and stability of our environment. By following our Twelve Nunns Green Credentials we are also helping to support our farming community. By buying our plants you are playing a part in a greener future.

Twelve Nunns Green Credentials

Penny and all the team at Twelve Nunns Nursery