Packaging & Delivery


We send small parcels by Royal Mail or larger parcels by courier. Please advise us of any days during the despatch periods when you may be away or unable to receive the delivery. Also, do tell us if you would like the parcel leaving in the porch or shed etc – we write this clearly in red on the box.

We deliver to UK postal addresses. We can deliver elsewhere in Europe but please phone or email to order.


Our packaging is nearly all compostable so simply receive your plants, plant them and then walk to your compost bin and smile! You wonโ€™t have a heap of packaging for the dustbin lorry to pick up, just some extra food to keep the worms happy ๐Ÿ™‚

Despatch Periods for Plant Material

We despatch plant material at the best time of year (in our experience) to ensure you receive it fresh and get the best results. This results in 4-6 week despatch periods for each group of plants, seeds, bulbs or rhizomes. We take orders in advance and during the despatch periods.

There may be some minor adjustments to the despatch periods given below because of seasonal variations.

Roscoea tubers:
March and April as bare root tubers, as potted plants at other times of the year.

Harvington Hellebore Plug Plants:
Mid-April, through May and June

Harvington Hellebore Seeds:
During July

Erythronium bulbs:
From July through August and September

Trillium rhizomes:
From September through to early November

Pot Plants

We aim to send out pot plants within 2 weeks of ordering.ย  The exception to this is during the month of August.ย  Orders received during August will be sent during the first week of September.