Trillium chloropetalum

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It holds its maroon red flowers through April and May. This species is from California and has beautifully mottled leaves.  Forms strong clumps given time.  It is very persistent – in our experience 25 years in one spot in the garden is not uncommon.  Height up to 35 cm.

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We deliver Trilliums from end July through to October.

We offer freshly lifted, healthy Trillium rhizomes with live roots that will transplant easily.  Our rhizomes are at least 4 years old.  Given the right situation and soil they should flower after 1 year of planting.

Our Trilliums are nursery grown in the UK. The parent plants have been either split to produce more plants or hand-pollinated to produce seeds and grown on.  Some of the original parent plants were wild-collected in North America.

Trilliums enjoy light shade with well-drained soil. The varieties we offer make good garden plants in the UK.  We will send a planting advice sheet with your order.