Narcissus bulbocodium var.citrinus

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3 well-rooted bulbs per 9cm pot*

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Narcissus bulbocodium var.citrinus is a dwarf Narcissus species. A bulbous perennial, it produces lovely funnel shaped pale lemon flowers in early spring will grow up to 15 cm in height, surrounded by its slender, bright green foliage. When established, bulbs will become clump forming the longer they are in the ground. They grow best in moist, but well drained soil in the growing season, which can then be allowed to dry out in the summer months.  If they are happy, they will self-seed and are perfect for naturalising in thin grassland or at the edge of borders, and grow well in both dappled shade or full sun. 

Alice Vincent reviewed our ‘exquisitely formed collection’ in The Telegraph (16 October 2021):-

To find out more about planting your bulbs, the advice is the same as for our narcissus cyclamineus bulbs, so please see our narcissus cyclamineus Planting Advice page. 

Narcissus bulbocodium var.citrinus are sold to you in pots rather than as loose bulbs, because the bulbs of this daffodil must not dry out. All plants offered are propagated and grown by us here on our specialist nursery based in South Lincolnshire. The bulbs are 3 years old and most will flower in the first spring season after planting and will flower year after year thereafter. We supply at least three flowering sized bulbs per pot. They are available to order from October to March. 

The RHS provide further information about this species as follows: – 

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