Planting your Narcissus cyclamineus bulbs 

How to plant 

The bulbs are at least 3 years old and most should flower in the first year. They are supplied in pots because they must be kept damp – unlike most other daffodils which we traditionally buy as dry bulbs.  These delightful petite daffodils are well rooted in their pot.  There are at least 3 bulbs per pot however when planting do not try to separate them. Dig an appropriate size hole and carefully tap out or cut the pot open and try to keep the compost, bulbs and roots intact while planting.  This will minimise damage to the roots and maximise your success.  

Where to plant 

They can be planted in a larger pot with other bulbs and plants; in the front of a border or can be planted in ‘thin’ grassland and naturalised – as on the Alpine Meadow and Rock Garden area at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden at Wisley.  

When established,bulbs will become clump forming the longer they are in the ground. They grow best in moist, but well drained soil which is slightly acidic.  If they are happy, they will self-seed and are perfect for naturalising, especially in thin grassland. They prefer dappled shade so do avoid a planting position in full sun.