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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air! Lawnmowers are being fired up, the bees are busy on the Hellebores and bulbs are fast emerging out of the soil.

Now is a great time to buy our Harvington Hellebores® as pot plants or to pre-order them as plug plants.

And why not give Roscoea a try?  They are available now and are great value for money – starting from just £4.99 each.  We would always recommend the ones with a ‘Harvington’ prefix because these have been selected for vigour and reliability.  They are hardy and perfect for filling in gaps in your border in semi-shade.  The earliest varieties flower in April, but the later ones flower in August – all of them offer colour in your garden for several weeks.  We are despatching them now as tubers ready for planting out direct into your garden or to pot up.

We have been growing the exotic looking, but hardy Arisaema candidissimum for a several years on the nursery and every year we are wowed by them.  The perennial corms stay dormant right through until May when their striking flowers start to emerge towards the end of the month and their large glossy architectural leaves unfurl thereafter.  They are straightforward to grow in well-drained semi-shade.

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Arisaema candidissimumarisaema-candidissimum