Trillium flexipes hybrid ‘Harvington Dusky Pink’

£ 17.50

This is a new exciting vigorous hybrid with striking dusky pink flowers. One of our own hybrids 15 years in the making!  40-50 cm high.



Trillium flexipes hybrid ‘Harvington Dusky Pink’ is offered as a 1 litre pot plant for the first time this year. Our Trilliums are at least 4 years old and given the right situation and soil they will flower within 1 year of planting.

Our Trilliums are nursery grown in the UK. The parent plants have been either split to produce more plants or hand-pollinated to produce seeds and grown on.  Some of the original parent plants were wild-collected in North America.

Trilliums enjoy light shade with well-drained soil. The varieties we offer make good garden plants in the UK.  We will send a planting advice sheet with your order.