Roscoea ‘Harvington Royale’

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Large purple flowers create a plant which makes an impact wherever it is seen.  Clump forming and lots of vigour.  Bred by Hugh Nunn. Early flowering May to July. Height: up to 25cm. Supplied as flowering-sized tubers during March and April. 

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Roscoea ‘Harvington Royale’ is an early flowering hybrid bred by Hugh Nunn. Its large purple flowers create a plant that makes an impact wherever it is seen. It is clump-forming with lots of vigour and flowers and is similar to Roscoea Harvington Evening Star’ but earlier to flower. 

Our selection of Roscoea includes four with the prefix ‘Harvington‘.  These are a set of distinctive plants bred by Hugh Nunn in the Vale of Evesham and selected for their beauty, vigour and garden worthiness.  Several have been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit (AGM) in recognition of these characteristics.

They have also featured in the RHS publication ‘The Garden’ (January 2016). 

Roscoea are robust, herbaceous perennials in the ginger family.  They are suitable for the front of borders, in a rock garden or grown in a container.  With orchid-like flowers in the summer they can be found in colours ranging from white and cream through pinks, brick reds and purples.  They have tuberous, fleshy roots (similar in appearance to dahlia) that become dormant in late autumn, with strap shaped leaves from April onwards.  Some appearing above ground as late as June in the case of Roscoea ‘Red Gurkha’.  They are hardy throughout the British Isles. 

Roscoea grow well in light, dappled shade.  They grow in any moist, free draining soil.  They are frost hardy in the garden when planted at the right depth (10-15cm below surface).  They can also be grown successfully in pots and containers where some frost protection is recommended during severe frosts. 

We send out flowering-sized tubers (similar to dahlia) Water well after planting and as the plant establishes.  Ensure that they don’t suffer from drought in the summer or waterlogging in the winter. 

To find out more about planting your Roscoea ‘Harvington Royale’ tuber please see our Roscoea Planting Advice page.