Harvington Single White (Seeds)

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Helleborus orientalis hybrid

The named hybrid ‘Ushba’ was used in the breeding of this strain.  A vigorous plant with clear white flowers against dark green foliage.

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Our Harvington Hellebore Seeds are despatched during July through to early August.  There are at least 6 seeds per packet.  We enclose a planting advice sheet with every order.

Our seeds are collected from plants selected for clarity of flower colour, attractive bold foliage and frost hardiness.  The seed is lovingly produced by means of hand pollination, and although some natural variation occurs, breeding over the last 20 years ensures that if you choose a ‘Harvington Single White’ you will receive it.  They are excellent garden plants that grow reliably year after year.

Harvington Hellebores® are easy to grow, winter flowering, frost hardy perennials.  They have beautiful large flowers  from December through to the end of March with dark green glossy evergreen foliage for year round interest.

We are specialist breeders of hellebores.  All our plants and seeds are grown in England… by us!