Erythronium ‘Harvington Snowgoose’

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Large white flowers with the most elegant of petals.  A beautiful plant selected by Hugh Nunn.  Bolder and more distinctive than E. ‘White Beauty’. Green leaves with attractive maroon markings.  Slightly later to flower than most, in second half of April.  Height up to 40cm.

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Please note: We send these to you as dormant, freshly lifted, flowering size bulbs in July and August ready for potting up or planting directly into the garden.

The species and cultivars of Erythronium that we offer are all selected because they are good garden plants.  They grow well in dappled shade.  They must remain moist at all times.

They flower from late March through April. Their leaves die back in June and the bulbs become dormant over the summer. This is the best time to buy and plant Erythronium bulbs because they will root down in the autumn while the soil is still warm.  The attractive glossy leaves start to emerge towards the end of February.

Our collection has taken many years to develop. It takes at least 5 years to grow a flowering sized bulb from seed and propagation by division is slow.