Planting your Meconopsis sheldonii ‘Slieve Donard’ 

Where to plant 

Meconopsis prefer a cool and shady position, with some shelter from the wind. They are frost hardy but during the winter protect them from long periods of rain to avoid waterlogging. If in a pot or container, put them in a greenhouse or cold frame to keep them from becoming too wet. This is to imitate their natural habitat in the dryer climates of the Himalayas. 

Compost and feed 

Ensure they are planted in free draining compost or soil. They grow well in neutral to acidic soils. If planting in a pot use ericaceous compost. 


The leaves die back during November/December, and then a rosette of new leaves start to form in early Spring. If in a pot or container, water them well as the leaves emerge and keep them damp throughout the Spring and Summer. Ensure they don’t dry out at any point during the growing season. 

Cut off the old flowers as they fade to encourage new shoots to form.