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Our eco-credentials – plant miles, packaging and savings

We are certainly not perfect and have to attend confession sometimes, but we constantly review what we can do to improve our eco-credentials. When you buy plants from Twelve Nunns you should know the following:

Low plant miles: our plants are sent direct from the Twelve Nunns nursery right here in Lincolnshire, England. We pick and pack your plants within 100 metres of where they were propagated and grown.

Packaging you can reuse, compost or recycle: our plants are carefully packed so they arrive at your door in perfect condition. Since Twelve Nunns first started sending you plants in 2011, our eco-credentials have been important to us. We set out to find packaging solutions that had minimal impact on the environment and currently the materials we use are as follows:

  • Boxes made of unbleached brown cardboard
  • Gummed, compostable paper tape for sealing the boxes (no need to strip off vinyl tape before recycling or composting)
  • Biodegradable clear film waterproof address pockets
  • Brown corrugated card, wood wool and 100% recycled paper to secure the plants in transit
  • Hessian to wrap the plants which can be reused or composted
  • Waxed paper to wrap our bulbs and rhizomes (not plastic bags)
  • Reusable paper-wrapped thin wire to hold the hessian in position

Save money, save materials, save fuel: We supply our plants in small pots or as freshly lifted bare root rhizomes, bulbs and tubers. You save money by buying plants in smaller pots or as bare rooted specimens but not only that, you are saving our environment because you:

  • Save compost – each 9cm pot plant only uses 0.5 litres of compost, saving 1.5 litres if you would normally buy a 2 litre pot
  • Save plastic – the pot is smaller, so there is less plastic used in the first place (we are moving towards fawn-coloured pots that can by recycled in kerbside recycle bins, and we are also carrying out trials using biodegradable pots)
  • Save packaging – smaller plants go into smaller boxes meaning less material is used
  • Save weight – lighter, smaller boxes that weigh less and cost less to transport. Less fuel = less air pollution

We pride ourselves in supplying first class plants, with detailed planting advice to help you successfully grow our range of special plants.