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Ready to purchase, the rare heralders of early spring, Narcissus cyclamineus AGM – as reviewed in The Telegraph (16 October 2021)

Towards the end of winter, the very pretty petite Narcissus cyclamineus emerges. Their tiny yellow trumpets and petals unfurl to fanfare the arrival of spring. Here at Twelve Nunns Nursery, we propagate and grow two Narcissi species, Narcissus cyclamineus AGM and Narcissus bulbocodium var. citrinus, both of which are rarely offered, and are early Spring risers, making an appearance from early February amongst snowdrops and our own Harvington Hellebores. Alice Vincent talks about our ‘exquisitely formed collection’ in The Telegraph (16 October 2021):-

The award-winning Narcissus cyclamineus is a delightfully petite daffodil, with vivid yellow petals that sweep fully back to reveal its long flower tube – it is cyclamen-like in appearance hence its name.  It has also been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Narcissus bulbocodium var.citrinus is also a dwarf Narcissi, producing exquisite funnel shaped pale lemon flowers surrounded by slender, bright green foliage.

They may be tiny but when left in the ground both of these plants will happily form clumps and self-seed and are perfect for naturalising in thin grassland or at the edge of borders. They also thrive in pots and troughs and provide a welcome splash of colour to any frozen patio or terrace.  

Our special Narcissi are now ready to buy, let them help you welcome Spring 2022!