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Hacquetia epipactis (Sanicula epipactis) – one of the most endearing spring flowers available to order now!

We now have Hacquetia epipactis available to buy as 9cm pots. Also known as Sanicula epipactis, Hacquetia epipactis is a charming herbaceous perennial, the flowers of which can appear as early as January. It first produces clusters of minute flowers with golden centres surrounded by a lime green bract or ruff. These continue to appear well into the spring, alongside a dense expanse of glossy emerald-green leaves that will then provide a good foliage display throughout the growing season. It grows close to the ground providing a carpet of fresh green and yellow hues, and makes a perfect partner for your early spring bulbs and will continue to spread year on year.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has awarded Sanicula epipactis an Award of Garden Merit (AGM), which you can read more about here.

These endearing flowers are truly an uplifting sight at the end of a dreary winter, so now is the time to buy them to brighten up your spring garden!