Our Erythronium bulbs are despatched dormant, freshly lifted, flowering size bulbs in July and August ready for potting up or planting direct into the garden.

Please note our availability list below – some are in plentiful supply others are available in small numbers.



If you would like us to contact you at the right time for ordering Erythronium bulbs, please email

We have some superb new hybrids that will become available over the next year or so – we select out new colours and forms each season.

Species and Derivatives

E. californicum

E. dens-canis ‘Old Aberdeen’

E. dens-canis ‘Snowflake’

E. hendersonii

E. howellii

E. oregonum

E. revolutum

E. revolutum ‘Knightshayes Pink’

E. tuolumnense ‘Spindlestone’


E. ‘Harvington Snowgoose’

E. ‘Harvington Wild Salmon’

E. ‘Hidcote Beauty’

E. ‘Harvington Sunshine’

E. ‘White Beauty’