The best time to buy and plant Erythronium bulbs is in July/August/September, because they will root down in the autumn while the soil is still warm. We send these to you as dormant, freshly lifted, flowering size bulbs from July through to September  ready for potting up or planting directly into the garden.  

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Our collection of Erythronium has taken many years to develop. It takes at least 5 years to grow a flowering sized bulb from seed and propagation by division is slow. The species and cultivars of Erythronium that we offer are all selected because they are good garden plants.

Three new Erythronium hendersonii x oregonum were released in 2023 by Twelve Nunns Nursery:-

‘Harvington Elizabeth’
Erythronium Harvington Imogen
‘Harvington Imogen’
Erythronium Harvington Lilli
‘Harvington Lilli’

The new Harvington Erythronium have taken more than 20 years to develop. Named after family members, selection has been based on the strength of pencil marking in the flowers, along with the anther and stem colour, and the foliage form with its striking mottling.

Gardens Illustrated Magazine introduced all three in its April 2023 edition, with an article entitled ‘Natural Selection‘.

‘the breeding programme at Twelve Nunns Nursery spans two generations and has taken more than 20 years of careful, meticulous selection to create a new trio of Harvington Erythronium.’ (Alys Fowler APRIL 2023

Other Species and Derivatives

E. californicum

E. dens-canis ‘Old Aberdeen’

E. dens-canis ‘Snowflake’

E. hendersonii

E. howellii

E. oregonum

E. revolutum

E. revolutum ‘Knightshayes Pink’

E. tuolumnense ‘Spindlestone’


E. ‘Harvington Snowgoose’

E. ‘Harvington Wild Salmon’

E. ‘Hidcote Beauty’

E. ‘Harvington Sunshine’

E. ‘White Beauty’